From Database to Dashboard: New Connectors for Parquet, Apache Drill, S3, and Elasticsearch

This is the third post in our Lego Miniseries, a 10 part mini-bonanza on boosting your business intelligence operation with Plotly dashboards, database connectors, and presentations.

Today’s post is about database connections. We’re proud to announce 4 new connectors to support companies like Slack who are storing business data in Parquet files and Amazon’s S3.

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Connecting to data sources is one of the four pillars of business intelligence:

Plotly connects to databases through its Database Connector app. It’s Free, open-source,  does not require writing code, and currently connects to 8 databases. Download the Database Connector app for Free.

By combining the Database Connector app with Plotly, you can connect to almost any popular modern database, then make charts and dashboards with the data.

The newest database connectors are for:


We also support database connectors for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redshift:


After you’ve connected to a database, you can create charts with the data and embed them into online Plotly dashboards like this one:


See our dashboards post in the Lego Miniseries for more online Plotly dashboard examples with database connections.

The database connector is open-source on GitHub, and we prioritize which connectors to build next by asking our users. You can vote for the next connector through this web form.

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