Plotcon May 2017 – Speakers and Topics

Plotcon Oakland, California

Plotcon in happening in Oakland California this time around and we have an exciting line up of speakers !

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Steve Lianoglou

Steve is a computational biologist at Genentech. Steve holds a PhD in Computational Biology from Cornell and develops computational techniques that integrate heterogeneous sources of high throughput biological data to better understand mechanisms of gene regulation and how they effect cell fate determination and disease progression.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Maxime Beauchemin

Maxime Beauchemin joined Airbnb as a data engineer developing tools to help streamline and automate data-engineering processes and was an early adopter of Hadoop/Pig while at Yahoo in 2007. At Facebook, he developed analytics-as-a-service frameworks around engagement and growth-metrics computation, anomaly detection, and cohort analysis. He’s a father of three, and in his free time, he’s a digital artist. You can read more about his projects on his blog, Digital Artifacts.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Jess Stauth

Dr. Jessica Stauth is Quantopian’s Vice President of Quant Strategy. Quantopian is a crowd-sourced quantitative investment firm that inspires people from around the world to write investment algorithms. Jess and her team are in charge of selecting algorithms from the Quantopian community to be used in their portfolio. Previously, she worked as an equity quant analyst at StarMine Corporation and as a director of Quant Product Strategy for Thomson Reuters. Jess holds a PhD from UC Berkeley in Biophysics.

You can find her on Linkedin and Github

Holly Bik

Holly Bik is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nematology at the University of California, Riverside. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Southampton, UK. Her research uses environmental genomics, computational biology, and data visualization tools to explore the biodiversity of microbial species in diverse habitats, with an emphasis on nematode worms in deep-sea sediments. She also serves as the Associate Editor for Deep-Sea News and maintains an active presence on Twitter (@hollybik).

You can find her on Linkedin and Github

Nicolas Belmonte

Nicholas is the Head of Visualization at Uber. He and his team help enhance people’s ability to understand and communicate data at Uber through the design and implementation of interactive systems for data visualization and analysis. prior to Uber he as at Twitter where he led a platform which generated interactive visualizations for News, Government, Brand Strategy, Sales, Sports and Music teams and was responsible for our public-facing data visualization work.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Alan Jacobson

Mr. Jacobson earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s degree at Virginia Tech. He started with the Ford Motor Company in 1991, and has been instrumental in helping bring to market products like the F-Series, Expedition, Navigator, and Taurus. Alan has been the recipient of the Automotive Hall of Fame’s Young Leadership & Excellence award and the Engineering Society of Detroit’s Young Engineer of the Year award.

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Sylvain Corlay

Sylvain Corlay is an applied mathematician specializing in stochastic analysis and optimal control. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from University Paris VI. As an open source developer, Sylvain contributes to Project Jupyter in the area of interactive widgets for the notebook, and is steering committee member of the Project. Besides Jupyter, Sylvain contributes to a number of scientific computing open-source projects such as bqplot, xtensor and ipyleaflet.

Sylvain founded QuantStack in September 2016. Prior to founding QuantStack, Sylvain was a quant researcher at Bloomberg and an adjunct faculty member at the Courant Institute and Columbia University.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Chris Toomey

Chris Toomey is the Senior Tableau Architect and Technical Program Manager for Big Data at Zillow Group in Seattle. His work focuses on building infrastructure and tools to enable an “always on” view of data. Prior to Zillow, he spent two years consulting with Slalom and five years as a Research Scientist for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Elizabeth Seiver

Elizabeth’s work at PLOS focuses on understanding their contributors: authors, editors and reviewers. She uses both quantitative and qualitative research techniques, from analyzing datasets to surveys to in-depth interviews. She works on a diverse set of teams and collaborates with folks in Product, Marketing, Editorial, and Advocacy areas. Her research informs decision-making so that the services are tailored to their contributors’ needs.

You can find her on Linkedin and Github

Carson Sievert

Carson Sievert is a freelance data scientist developing software and creating products that make data analysis more accessible, appealing, and efficient. During his PhD, he became maintainer of the R package plotly and was recognized with the John Chambers Statistical Software Award. He is also author and maintainer of numerous other R packages including: LDAvis, animint, pitchRx, and rdom.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Kan Nishida

Kan (Kanichiro) has built and delivered software products from scratch in Data Science, Machine Learning, Analytics, Data Visualization, BI, and Enterprise Reporting. Prior to that, he has built a strong consulting team to deliver Analytics and BI solutions.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Todd Mostak

Todd is the CEO and Founder of MapD Technologies. Todd built the original prototype of MapD after tiring of the inability of conventional tools to allow for interactive exploration of big datasets while conducting his Harvard graduate research on the role of Twitter in the Arab Spring. He then joined MIT as a research fellow focusing on GPU databases before turning the MapD project into a startup.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Matthew Dillon

Matthew Dillon is a Research Software Engineer in the Caporaso Lab, a working group of the Pathogen and Microbiome Institute at Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ). He is a core developer of QIIME 2 – an NSF-funded project that will revolutionize microbiome bioinformatics.

You can find him on Github

Alex Johnson

Alex is Plotly’s CTO and the instigator of Plotly.js. He also consults for Microsoft Research and the Center for Quantum Devices at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, focusing on data acquisition for quantum computing experiments. Alex holds a BS in Physics from Harvey Mudd College and a PhD in Physics from Harvard University. He has 20 peer reviewed publications, including 2006 paper of the year in Science, and other top journals including Nature, Physical Review Letters, and Journal of Power Sources. He has previously worked in the fields of semiconductor optics, quantum information, magnetic resonance imaging, hydrogen fuel cells, and photovoltaic power.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Chris Parmer

Chris is a cofounder of Plotly, co-author of the Plotly Python library, and creator of Dash.

You can find him on Github

Ankit Rohatgi

Ankit works as a Software Developer in collaboration with a globally distributed team responsible for development, testing and documentation of ANSYS software used for structural mechanics, fluid flow and electromagnetic simulations. He works with a variety of programming languages, software development tools and platforms to enhance softwares such as ANSYS Mechanical, Workbench and AIM.

Ankit holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame where he studied particle-fluid interaction and transport mechanisms in multiphase flows by means of many analytical, computational and experimental methods. He has also developed an opensource web application called WebPlotDigitizer that is used by thousands all over the world and has been cited in many peer-reviewed publications.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Pascal Bugnion

Pascal is a data engineer at ASI Data Science, a consultancy specializing in data science and analytics. He spends too much of his spare time contributing to open source software, including jupyter-gmaps, a Jupyter plugin for visualizing geographical data on google maps, and, more recently, a Scala client for Plotly. He is the author of ‘Scala for Data Science’ (Packt publishing)

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Jules Malin

Jules is a Manager of Product Analytics & Data Science at GoPro responsible for building data and analytics pipelines that produce insights which enable insight informed decision making with the goal of making better products and services.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Chris Holdgraf

Chris is a graduate student in Bob Knight’s cognitive neuroscience laboratory. He uses applied statistics and machine learning to study the brain, utilizing encoding and decoding models of electrophysiology signals to study how our experience with the auditory world affects the way that we process sounds. He’s a regular contributor to the MNE-python project for MEG and EEG data analysis in Python and to a handful of tools in the scientific python ecosystem.

When he’s not coding, writing, collecting data, or in a meeting, he tries to spend as much time as he can going for hikes, playing basketball, traveling, and eating barbecue.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Jeremy Freeman

Jeremy is the group leader at the Freeman Lab where he and his team are are trying to understand how the brain works. They do so by developing technologies for data analysis and visualization that facilitate collaboration and reproducible science and by designing experiments that monitor and manipulate neural activity in animals performing complex behaviours to learn principles of neural coding.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Mike Driscoll

Mike Driscoll founded Metamarkets in 2010 after spending more than a decade developing data analytics solutions for online retail, life sciences, digital media, insurance, and banking. Metamarkets provides an end-to-end analytics solution for leaders in programmatic marketing, including Twitter, LinkedIn and AOL. Prior to Metamarkets, Mike successfully founded and sold two companies: Dataspora, a life science analytics company, and CustomInk, an early pioneer in customized apparel. He began his career as a software engineer for the Human Genome Project. Mike holds an A.B. in Government from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Boston University.

You can find him on Linkedin

Alexandre Sobolevski

Alexandre is a software engineer at Plotly and an engineering graduate from McGill University who previously worked at Siemens. He is co-author of the Plotly Database Connector, enjoys developing tools for data scientists, and loves to pack a backpack to go on a trek every now and then.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Yves Hilpisch

Dr. Hilpisch holds a PhD in Mathematical Finance and is the founder and managing partner of The Python Quants Gmbh. He has written many books including Python for Finance, Derivatives Analytics with Python and Listed Volatility & Variance Derivatives and is a lecturer for Data Science at htw saar University of Applied Sciences and for Computational Finance at the CQF Program.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Mikola Lysenko

Mikola Lysenko is a founding member of BITS cooperative, a worker-owned technology company based out of the big island of Hawai’i. Previously at, he helped develop the WebGL rendering systems for 3D and 2D plots. He has contributed to several open source projects, including, scijs and regl and has written several hundred npm modules.

You can find him on LinkedInand Github

Andrew Seier

Andrew Seier works at Plotly as a front-end and back-end developer. He co-wrote the Python API library for Plotly. He has an MS and BS in electrical engineering from the University of Vermont and previously worked for Sandia National Labs. He lives right here in sunny, Oakland and gets out to climb whenever he has time.

You can find him on Linkedin

Kyle Kelley

Kyle Kelley is a programmer, sometimes mathematician, oftentimes ops. He works for Netflix, hoping to foster Developer Experience. He enjoys working on open source in ways that benefit communities, open source projects, and the companies that rely on and support the tooling. As part of this, he works on IPython and the Jupyter project.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github

Jorge Santos

Jorge heads the Product Management teams for Eikon – Thomson Reuters’ premium Desktop offering for Financial professionals, with more than 120,000 subscribers. It provides users with access to access financial content, analytics, advanced calculators as well as functional and visual applications.

You can find him on Linkedin and Github