plotly 4.6.0 now on CRAN

I’m super excited to announce that plotly 4.6.0 is now on CRAN! Go ahead and install it with:


This release brings a ton of new features and improvements — some of which are over in the year making. I recently held a webinar introducing the biggest features, including linked viewsanimation, and crosstalk integration. In addition to the webinar recording, some good resources for getting up-to-speed include new demos (demo(package = "plotly")), help pages (help(highlight) and help(animation)), and the official NEWS file. I also recommend checking out my vimeo page for some more advanced applications of the linked views framework.

My upcoming plotcon workshop will be a great opportunity to learn all these new features over 2 full days of lectures, demos, hands-on exercises, and one-on-one Q&A.

PS. I can’t wait to see what you do with these new features! And I always love hearing from the community; so tweet me if you run into issues/questions, want to share your work, and/or just want to say hi! 🙂