Plotly December Update

new webinar december 6: using plotly with excel

Tomorrow (Wednesday December 6), Plotly solutions engineer Branden Dunbar will give a free webinar on creating online reports and Tableau-style dashboards using Excel data.

Register and view past Webinars here:


Plotly workshops are back in February at Plotly’s headquarters in Montréal. Take your data science skills to the next level with workshops for:

  • Python / Dash
  • R / Shiny
  • SQL and Dashboards

Registration is open!


Similar to this popular Tableau feature, selecting data in Plotly dashboards can now filter all dashboard charts with the selected data.

To get you started, we’ve prepared 7 crossfilter tutorials with public health data on Plotly’s Github:

code-free report authoring with d3 charts

Plotly dashboards now have a “Report Mode” so that you can compose and share online reports with D3.js graphs, all without writing any code. Take a look at this remake of a Goldman Sachs financial report on Plotly:

new falcon release

Everybody’s been talking about Falcon, Plotly’s new open-source client for SQL. As an open-source project, Falcon is constantly improving and last week we pushed a version with:

  • Mac and Windows GUI installer (no longer need 7zip)
  • Reduced download size
  • Tons of bug fixes and UI polishes

Get this latest release on Plotly’s GitHub:

If you missed it, you can also familiarize yourself with Falcon by watching our Falcon webinar from 2 weeks ago.