Plotly for R workshop at Plotcon 2017

Carson Sievert, the lead developer of the Plotly package for R will be hosting a workshop at Here’s an outline of the material he will be covering during the workshop.

More details here. The workshop will be based on Carson’s Plotly for R book.

Broad Topic Details
A tale of 2 interfaces Converting ggplot2 via ggplotly()Directly interfacing to plotly.js with plot_ly()
Augmenting ggplotly() via layout() and friends
Accessing and leveraging ggplot2 internals
Accessing any plot spec via plotly_json()
The plot_ly() cookbook Scatter traces
Bars & histograms
2D frequencies
3D plots
Arranging multiple views Arranging htmlwidget objects
Merging plotly objects into a subplot
Navigating many views
Multiple linked views Linking views with shiny
Linking views without shiny
Linking views “without shiny, inside shiny”
Animating views Key frame animations
Linking animated views
Advanced topics Adding custom behavior with the plotly.js API and htmlwidgets::onRender()
Translating ggplot2 geoms to plotly